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Face & Body Cream Moisturizer

Peggy M.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                        

Peggy Moore I bought the lemon and baby powder and I Just love it because I have body order and it’s work wounded fully

I use it every time I get out the shower it’s looks likely I look just like same of the deodorant I put on thank you.

Mini Deodorant

Kari S.  Verified Reviewer                       

Body and soul naturally handcrafted deotorant

I received a sample of the naturally handcrafted deotorant and I loved it! It goes on smooth and has a great smell! I felt dry all day and the smell is long lasting. I would recommend this product to everyone, especially the ones who have sensitive skin. This is a great deotorant!

Raymond L.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            


Very good  first time I can wear deodorant in 20 years that doesn't irritate my skin.

Schnarda R.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            


I requested a sample of deodorant and was sent the baby powder scent. I absolutely love the scent! I loved it so much that I just placed an order for the regular sized deodorant. The deodorant does keep me smelling fresh for a long period of time. In addition to that, when I shave my underarm I usually have a mild case of hair bumps due to the sen

sitivity of my skin. The ingredients within the deodorant have helped keep my underarms moistened and irritant free! I love that I found an all natural deodorant that works and smell good.

Saba K.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

I tried the deodorant and

I tried the deodorant and it's wonderful! I love the scent and it lasts all day long. 5 stars!!

Dana S.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Deodorant review

I really enjoy the protection of the deodorant and the smell!

Lynette L.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Sample Review

smells great and works well!!!

Kristen E.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Smells great but shows up white

It smells great, even after sweating. However, you have to be wearing sleeves to wear it, as your armpits will be white after applying it. It didn't cause any skin problems for me, though, and I have sensitive skin.

C L.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Great Product

Been using this product since march, tried various scents but my favorite is lavender.

The Naleighna Kai Collection

Ivy W.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Love it

Love it

Corey S.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Wonderful Gift for Christmas

It was well received from my wife. Thank you so much!!

Lucille M.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Love this set!

The scents are so nice. I just love these products!

Lynn M.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Lovely lady scrub & shea butter....

I love the scent! I think the scrub needs to be in a bigger container with more product. After showering 1x, I noticed half the jar of scrub was gone. I was very moisturized after the scrub! The shea butter is wonderful! It also was very moisturizing & the scent is divine!

Anita R.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Women's Shea Butter

I purchased The Naleighna Kai Collection. I have been extremely happy with th Shea butter. I haven�۪t had a chance to use the Body Scrub or the deodorant as of yet. Shea Butter is my new best friend.

Patrice B.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Naleigha Kai Collection

My purchase was more than I expected. It was reasonably priced. The scents were very nice. My skin is enjoying the products.


“Be Natural” Collection (New Scents Available)

Kathleen J.  Verified Reviewer                                                                                                                                                            

Love your body products

Your product smells so good I can eat them. 
I haven't try them yet only because I'm going to give it as a Birthday gift. And I'm going to buy more for Christmas.

Estelle B.  Verified Reviewer   



Love it!

Really love the scents and the feel of the product.

Men's Collection

Ty B.  Verified Reviewer   



Beard Balm

It's great! Smooth and smells good!

Mini Sampler Collection

Tracy P.  Verified Reviewer   



Love it!

I love the cucumber mint deodorant because it smells great and keeps me fresh all day! It goes on super smoothly to and so does the sheabutter moisturizer. It’s rich creamy texture smells awesome.

Michele B.  Verified Reviewer   




I tried these products because my friend recommend them to me. I was amazed at the quality of the products. The deodorant is a nice solid stick, the sugar scrub is very moisturizing, and the body butter is wonderful. I will be ordering all my products from this company. FYI the labels on the scrub should be plastic, they peel off in the shower. Other wise love it.

Women’s Deodorant

Crystal B.  Verified Reviewer   



Womens Deodorant - Baby Powder scented

I absolutely LOVE this deodorant!! And it smells wonderful! Would I recommend it? EVERY CHANCE I GET!

Beverly B.  Verified Reviewer   



It's Good To Be Queen

I love the effectiveness of the natural products. The deodorant and body creme is the best! I feel more confident when going about my day knowing that I'm not sweaty or "ashy". Love your products!

Cloraine B.  Verified Reviewer   




I was given a travel size deodorant and couldn’t believe how it really worked. So I bought one for myself and daughter

Ivy W.  Verified Reviewer   


A very nice product

A very nice product

Delvecia F.  Verified Reviewer   



Love the deodorant...I feel protected

Love the deodorant...I feel protected throughout the day. Also, the various scents of Shea butter are awesome. Definitely pleased with the products.

Rastus H.  Verified Reviewer   



Great Product for my daughter

My daughter has a skin problem that flares up when using regular deodorant. But with this product it not only keeps her from her skin flaring up, but it has a great smell to it. We have tried all other deodorants from the market that say they help and are gentle but this one is the only one that has helped her smell good and not break her out.

Andrea W.  Verified Reviewer   



I love this stuff!

Five stars for product line

Krystal R.  Verified Reviewer   



Excellent Natural Deodorant

I am happy to use a natural product that works well with my body chemistry. I will use this product in other fragrances.

Schnarda R.  Verified Reviewer   



Long Lasting Deodorant

I absolutely love the deodorant! The deodorant lasted the entire work day and evening, without me having to "touch up". I just didn't care for the lavender scent I ordered. I did receive a sample deodorant, which scent I absolutely love! I have to find out which one it is because I do plan to order more for my daughters and myself.

Meagan J.  Verified Reviewer   



Great product!

I'm on my third regular size of deodorant (I also have a travel size) and am very pleased. This is the first natural deodorant I've tried that did not cause irritation after a few days and the scents I've gotten, Baby Powder and Cucumber Mint, aren't overpowering. I will be trying the other scents in the future.



Whit Verified Reviewer   



Great Product

I've been searching for a natural deodorant that smells amazing and lasts and I have found it here! I was at a festival and I'm so happy I stopped. I have the Lemon Zest and Cucumber mint scents and both are amazing. The customer service was also AMAZING. At the festival, I got a package with the regular size deodorant and a travel size. After the

 festival, Nicole reached out to me because she wanted to send me a second regular size since the weather caused the deodorant to be creamier than normal. Great customer service is what keeps me around. Great product and great owner!



D'Janapha F.  Verified Reviewer   



Cucumber Mint Deodorant

Came across this line at an arts festival this summer in Chicago and couldn't be happier. Owner graciously sent an extra stick due to texture. Protection and scent does last for a good work day. Now that the colder months have settled in, I tend to top off the deodorant with jojoba oil prior to use. Also shared with a friend who is allergic to bak

ing soda, and this has proven to be a good alterative.

Women’s Shea Butter

Andrea W.  Verified Reviewer   



I love this stuff!

I love this stuff!

Cristina D.  Verified Reviewer   



Shea Butter

I ordered Lovely Lady and Lavender 
Love them both

Christina F.  Verified Reviewer   



The best

The lovely lady shea butter smells amazing and keeps my skin moisturized. I can't wait to try the other scents.

Erica G.  Verified Reviewer   



Soooooo creamy!

Finally, a shea butter that is creamy and smells soooo yummy!

Estelle B.  Verified Reviewer   



love it

love it

Tonya H.  Verified Reviewer   



So in love

There are very few scents that I can wear during allergy season. Getting this product was just in time. I love it.

L. L.  Verified Reviewer   



Love, love the vanilla Shea Butter

First, I was surprised at how quickly I received the product after ordering - literally within 2-3 days. I should first say that I have always had a problem with dry skin and have tried all kinds of lotions and potions. I had high hopes for the Shea Butter and I was anxious to try it. I really wanted to get a good feel for how it would work so I d

ecided after my shower the next morning to use my regular lotion on one arm and the Shea Butter on the other. Within a couple of hours, the arm that I applied the lotion to was the usual, dry and ashy, and in need of more lotion which I applied. Conversely, the arm with the Shea Butter was still moist and dewy. Over the course of the day, I applied lotion twice more to the arm with the lotion. I met friends for drinks later in the evening and decided to apply a bit more Shea Butter to the Shea Butter arm and to use it for the first time on the arm where I had applied lotion. From that personal test, I now only use Shea Butter and I am very well pleased with its lasting effect. I no longer feel it necessary to carry a giant bottle of lotion in my purse for touchups each day, but rather a small amount of Shea Butter, which I may reapply again and that seems to depend on humidity (or lack thereof), temperature, rain, etc. I love it!!

C. L.  Verified Reviewer   



Great Product! Glad I tried it.

Been using the natural deodorant since march, excellent!

Whipped Sugar Scrub

Maricela G.  Verified Reviewer   



Love my products!

My dry skin is in heaven. Love the natural products and light scent. A forever customer!

Cristina D.  Verified Reviewer   





Vienna P.  Verified Reviewer   





L. L.  Verified Reviewer   



Body Scrub

I thought I would try the scrub as I live in Arizona and the sun can make the skin very dry. Because my dry skin has a tendency to peel sometimes, this is a very nice and fragrant way to exfoliate several times a week. The scrub is a wonderful addition to my shower and my skin seems to tingle and glow after each use leaving it feeling like silk wh

en I dry off. Great product!