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Great gift set for Father’s Day or any other special occasion! Men will love this. Includes Sample Deodorant, 4oz Beard Butter and 4 oz Shea Butter in various scents.


Shea Butter and Beard Butter scents are: 

Egyptian Musk, earthy scent with notes of myrrh and cardamom.

Sandalwood, rich notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. (Top Seller)

Cool Clean, similar too Cool water it's fresh and vibrant.

Masculine Spice, a vanilla scent with mile notes amber and spice.

Unscented, smells like cocoa butter. 


Sample Deodorant comes to various scents: 

Lavender, refreshing scent with floral & herbal notes. 

Cool Clean, similar to Cool water it's fresh and vibrant. 

Fresh Sport, a fresh scent with notes of balsamic and pine.

Cedarwood, a mild blend of cederwood and patchouli. 

Egyptian Musk, earthy notes of myrrh and cardamom.  

Fresh Spice, earhty scent with notes of cinnamon and spiced clove.

Men’s Collection

Balm & Shea Butter Scent Options
Sample Deodorant Scent
  • Weight 10 oz

    Dimensions8 x 4.25 x 5.5 in Balm & Shea Scent

    Cool Clean, Egyptian Musk, Masculine, Sandalwood, Unscented


    Sample Deodorant Scent

    Cedarwood Blend, Men's Cool Clean, Men's Egyptian Musk, Men's Fresh Sport, Unisex Lavender