Our Story

“Love The Skin You Are In”.  At Body & Soul Naturally we bring you natural products made with no harsh ingredients. These products are artisan crafted with a conscious and focus on heath & wellness. We are environmentally safe and passionate about taking care of our bodies and souls. At Body and Soul Naturally we are on to something great, we hope you agree! Please share your feedback and don’t keep us a secret; tell your friends and family! Thanks in advance!


“Naleighna Kai Collection: My purchase was more than I expected. It was reasonably priced. The scents were very nice. My skin is enjoying the products”

Patrice B., Verified Purchaser

” Very good: First time I can wear deodorant in 20 years that doesn’t irritate my skin”

Raymond L., Verified Purchaser

“Freshhhhhh: I requested a sample of the deodorant and was sent the baby powder scent. I absolutely love this scent, so much I just placed an order for the regular size. The deodorant keeps me smelling fresh for a long time. I love that I found a natural deodorant that works and smells good”

Schnarda R., Verified Purchaser

“I used the baby powder deodorant, applied it at 11 a.m. and had a busy day. I noticed the scent was a lasting, light and lingering fragrance! At the end of my day, it was midnight. I was dry all day and the natural deodorant still had a fresh linger. Excellent Product,”

Vanessa Mclaurin, Verified Purchaser

“Not only is the deodorant healthy for you and works, but the texture is awesome. It just glides on. The powder scent is not overbearing and sweet smelling.”

Erica Gaither, Verified Purchaser